CHOWA is a bar & dining room located along Yokohama’s Isezaki Shopping Street, known for the live performances by street musicians. Performances of various genres such as pop and jazz take place at weekends, making the shopping street a unique place.Two key design concepts characterize this bar. Firstly, it is a place where one can dine and listen to live music. We wanted the bar to be a hangout for people gathering for the various street music and indoor music performances. In order to create a better acoustic environment for live music performances, the bar’s interior surfaces are covered predominantly with timber-based materials. The regular, rib-like array of plywood and expanded aluminium sheets in between, covering the wall and ceiling, enhance the room acoustics, as well as creating a cozy ambience as if being surrounded by trees.Secondly, we wanted to make conversation between bar staff and customers easier, especially around the bar counter. The bar counter is made of solid bubinga, and the levels of floor, bar counter and seats are determined so that the standing bar staff and seated customers can make eye contact easily. The bar counter brings people together, and provides a great place to enjoy a conversation.


用 途:ライブ・バー

建 主:半山事務所
設 計:


・設備 ZO設計室

・サイン 氏デザイン

施  工:ケイ・アイ企画

構  造:RC造(既存)
階  数:地上3階
竣  工:2012.9(現在閉店)

写  真:矢野紀行



main use:bar

total floor area:90m2


number of stories:3-stories


photo:Toshiyuki Yano