Ogiya Ryokan 扇屋旅館



Ohgiya Ryokan had been continuously extended and renovated for over 80 years. Originally a plan to build a new owner’s residence within the premises, the project eventually turned into a full renovation including an aseismic renovation. We opened up the existing courtyard to the street, and reorganized the collection of buildings around it. We decided to give the whole building complex a unifying overtone, rather than reinforcing the contrast between old and new. While the newly-added eaves re-defines the courtyard’s outline, other parts of the complex utilize their existing conditions, resulting in an architectural diversity unattainable in a new building. The new eaves and decking create a buffer zone between the courtyard and the interior space; louvers, doors and windows control the sense of distance between the two spaces. The original ambience is retained by the re-use of existing trees, garden stones, doors and windows.

 The courtyard has been regenerated as a new public space for tourists, guests and locals. This project is an attempt to rejuvenate an existing ryokan and also to use it as a catalyst to rejuvenate the surrounding area and communities.

用 途:旅館(改築)+専用住宅(新築)

建 主:扇屋旅館
設 計:

・建築 SALHAUS(共同設計:6D,+iDESIGN)
・構造 長坂設計工舎

施  工:増田建設

構  造:木造
階  数:地上2階
竣  工:2012.11

写  真:矢野紀行



main use:hotel+private house

client:Ogiya Ryokan

site area:972.2m2

building area:710.3m2

total floor area:888.6m2(hotel)+228.7m2(house)


number of stories:2-stories


photo:Toshiyuki Yano